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Job Details

Title:Captain A320 - Peach Aviation Japan - Non-rated
Location/Base:Kansai Japan (KIX)
Ref #:APJ01
Airline:Peach Aviation Japan
Aircraft Type: A320
Minimum Requirements:

1)  1,500 hours minimum PIC time on commercial transport jets (aircraft with passenger capacity of 50 or more)

2)   4,000 hours minimum total Pilot flight time.

3)   Valid Airline Transport Pilot License (“ATPL”) from ICAO recognized country.

4)   Last flight within 12 months of application

5)   Valid First Class Medical Certificate. (ICAO)

6)   ICAO English Proficiency level 4 or above

7)   Below 59 years of age at date of application for non-rated captains, below 61 years of age for A320 type rated captains.

8)   Must have current or previous commercial airline experience (scheduled ops)

9)  No record of accidents, incidents, or criminal activity.

***Note:Special consideration may be made for pilots with a JCAB ATPL***

JCAB holders please contact us at fcl@iasco-global.com for more details.


Excellent opportunity for regional jet Captains to upgrade to the A320!

Position: Non-rated Captain Airbus A320 

Assignment: Peach Aviation Ltd.

Flight Base: Kansai, Japan

Length of Assignment: 2 or 3 years depending on contract type. Renewal is expected, but not guaranteed.

Expected Start Date: Training courses scheduled throughout 2017

Interviews: Held on Regular Basis in Tokyo (contact us for next available dates)

Terms and Conditions:

*All compensation will be paid in yen at a flat rate. 




Employment Period

3 years. Long term employment after 1st renewal, through 60 years of age. After 60, one year contract (renewable until 65 years of age)

2 years. One time renewal only. No further extension or switching to long term contract is allowed.

Monthly Salary

¥1,278,000 - ¥1,369,000 gross

Please contact us for a detailed breakdown.

NEW: Additional compensation included when exchange rate is above 100JPY per USD! Please contact us for details.

1st Contract: ¥800,000 net

2nd Contract: ¥900,000 net

Over 70 hrs: ¥15,000/hour gross

NEW: Additional compensation included when exchange rate is above 100JPY per USD! Please contact us for details.

Housing Allowance


¥100,000/month net

Local Commute Allowance

¥50,000US* gross / month up to ¥7,000* for early morning/late night transportation

¥50,000/month net


Paid by pilot

Paid by company

National Health Insurance/National Pension*

Half paid by company, half paid by pilot

Paid by company

Training Cost

Paid by company (if resigned within 2 years, pilot must pay ¥2,500,000. Not applicable if JCAB A320 type rate).

Paid by pilot (¥2,500,000). Paid up front or through monthly payment. Not applicable if JCAB A320 type rated.

Training Salary

Approx. 80% of base salary. F/O’s flight pay applies. Reduction not applicable to JCAB A320 rated pilots.

¥650,000 net*. Flight pay for 70 hours included.

Medical/English Cert. Renewal

Paid by Company

Paid by Company

Loss of License Insurance

50% of monthly salary through 60 years of age. Additional coverage available at pilot’s expense.


Employee Fare Travel

Peach Flights

Peach Flights

Home Travel Allowance

Economy class ticket or ¥100,000 (gross) 6 times per year.

Initial Bonus

-If JCAB A320 rated: ¥3,000,000

-If ICAO A320 rated and 2,000 flight hours on type: ¥2,000,000

-If ICAO A320 rated and 1,000 flight hours on type: ¥1,000,000

All bonuses are taxable.

Annual Bonus

Depends on company’s profit level. 4 months’ base salary maximum.

¥700,000 gross

Completion Bonus


At two-year completion: ¥2,000,000 gross

At four-year completion:

¥5,000,000 gross

Moving Allowance

up to ¥400,000 if moving with family, up to ¥250,000 if moving alone.

up to ¥600,000

Annual Days Off

120 days at minimum. Commuting options available (10 days/month or 16 days/2 months)

Annual Paid Leave

20 days

Additional Annual Paid Leave

4 days (must be consecutive)


Annual Sick Leave

5 days

**Taxes,health insurance and other social security charge will be deducted from salaryat the source. Adjustment will be made at the end of the year based on actual total amount of payment throughout the year.

Terms and conditions are subject to change.

Contract Term: 2 or 3 years

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