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Job Details

Title:Captain B737NG - Yunnan Lucky Air - China
Location/Base:Kunming, China
Ref #:LKA01
Airline:Yunnan Lucky Air
Aircraft Type: B737-6/7/8/900 NG
Minimum Requirements:

(1) Valid ICAO ATPL with B737 type rating

(2) 3000 total flight hours

(3) 500 hours as PIC on B737NG/EFIS***

(5) Last flight on type within 6 months

(6) English proficiency ICAO level 4 or above

(7) Class A / Class 1 Medical Certificate

(8) Below 53 years of age

(9) No flight incidents/accidents or criminal record

***Screenings for B737EFIS pilots will only be arranged if a minimum of four pilots can attend.

***B737EFIS pilots will be required to complete a transition to B737NG, training bond will apply.


Airlines: Yunnan Lucky Air, China

Base: Kunming

Length of Contract: 3 year (renewable)

Compensation:  US$184,200 – $257,400 / year plus overtime


Option A

Option B

Option C

Option D


Monthly Roster

4 Weeks ON/ 2 Weeks OFF

6 Weeks ON/ 3 Weeks OFF

1 Month ON/ 1 Month OFF


80 hours

75 hours

70 hours

60 hours

Annual Leave

36 Days




Sick Leave

10 Days





$18,600 USD

$16,500 USD

$15,500 USD

$12,500 USD






Other Benefits

$1,600 USD/ month for Living, Transport, and Travel Allowances

Safety Bonus

$15,000 USD/ annum

Monthly Average

$21,450 USD

$19,350 USD

$18,350 USD

$15,350 USD

Chinese Taxes

Paid by airline, figures above are net of tax

Staff Travel

Travel on HNA Group & Lucky for pilot and family members

Required Documents:  

(1) Resume
(2) Copy of a valid passport (valid for at least 3 years)
(3) Copy of a valid ATPL (ideally valid for at least 6 months)(include the type rating page)
(4) Copy of a valid Medical Check Certificate
(5) Last Proficiency Check Report within one year
(6) Log book- last 6 pages
(7) Highest degree certificate and graduation certificate
(8) Airline Application Form (please download below) 

Contract Term: 3 years

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