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Job Details

Title:Air Japan B767 NTR First Officers
Location/Base:Tokyo Japan/NRT
Ref #:AJX102
Airline:Air Japan AJX
Aircraft Type: B767
Rank:First Officer
Minimum Requirements:

Minimum Requirements

  1. 3,000 hours Total Time
  2. 500 hours Jet Time
  3. Military experience acceptable
  4. PIC requirements:
    • 250+ hours PIC, or
    • 70+ hours PIC and 180+ hours PICUS, or
    • 500+ hours PICUS
  5. 100 hours PIC Cross Country
  6. 200 hours Cross Country
  7. 100 hours Night Flight
  8. 75 hours Instrument Flight
  9. Aircraft Rating:
    • Jet Command rating, or
    • Jet type rating with command instrument rating
  10. Valid ICAO Medical Certificate
  11. ICAO English Level 4 or higher
Additional Contract Bonuses!
Air Japan have announced an increase to their contract conditions:

First Officers completed Fiscal Years 4 and 5 will receive an annual bonus of USD25,000 (bonus scheme beyond 2021 to be advised)
An additional USD18,000 will be paid after 5 years as a contract completion bonus.
Air Japan operates a fleet of passenger & freighter B767s which operate within Asia to China, Seoul, Bangkok, Singapore and Honolulu with more destinations planned.

These contracts are for 5 years in length with an operating base of Narita, Japan.

An excellent commuting package is offered with 10 days off per month with a minimum of 8 consecutive days.

Air Japan also provides $2000 USD per month to assist with commuting to Tokyo, whilst also offering staff travel on Star Alliance partner airlines.

More importantly for First Officers, Air Japan is one of the very few contract airlines that also offers upgrades to Captain.

Air Japan are interviewing now so contact us if you need more information, or would like to discuss any aspect of this position.

If you wish, we can arrange for one of our pilot consultants to contact you so you can talk at length, and in depth, about this position. No other recruitment company has pilots talking to pilots, giving an honest pilot’s perspective.

Contract Term: 5 Year
Benefits:Please see Benefits in the above Description Section.

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