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Flight Crew Leasing and Management


Experience: Providing Safe, Highly Skilled Flight Crews for 50 Years
In aviation, experience counts. As the world’s oldest, most highly respected independent crew leasing company, IASCO is proud of its well-earned global reputation for providing and managing the highest caliber crewmembers available. More than 50 airlines worldwide have relied on IASCO’s stringent standards to select and retain the finest crews to meet their specific needs. Our long and successful history is due to our meticulous selection process and superior crew management, providing airlines with a level of trust, satisfaction, and service unparalleled in the industry.

Flexibility: Hire Exactly Who You Need, When You Need Them
IASCO Global understands that aviation is a complex and evolving industry, and requires services tailored to meet individual airlines’ specific needs. IASCO Global creates leasing packages that give you the flexibility you need around number of crewmembers needed, contract length, base of duty, and other issues of importance to you. Whether you need crews for a long term contract, testing new routes, fulfilling seasonal requirements, or replacing staff during training or transition on new aircraft types, you can count on IASCO Global to provide flight crews that meet your precise needs.

Quality: Our Acclaimed Recruitment and Pre-Screening Process
With our database of over 2,000 qualified crewmembers, IASCO Global can select from a large talent pool of qualified crews. An extensive interview process ensures each candidate is uniquely qualified based on equipment and skills, as well as profiled for language fluency, cultural, and regional considerations. IASCO Global also performs extensive background and flight simulator checks, along with in-depth analysis by our sophisticated recruitment staff of licensed and active commercial pilots. Final placement of all personnel is ultimately subject to client approval.

Support: Full-Service Management & Administration
We closely manage our crews and support them throughout the duration of the contract. On every contract, IASCO Global assigns a Contract Manager who expertly oversees all aspects of the relationship between the customer, crewmembers, and IASCO ensuring seamless efficiency. IASCO Global can also meet your administrative needs, including payroll, benefits, relocation, travel, and employee relations services. IASCO Global can also establish regional offices to provide hands-on, day-to-day crew management, based on our customer and crewmember requirements.

Satisfaction: A Low Crew Attrition Rate
At IASCO Global, we select the best people and support them throughout the contract, which results in a low crew attrition rate. From our most senior pilot to our newest recruits, IASCO is proud of each and every one of our crewmembers. Our crewmembers have been and continue to be the foundation of our flight crew leasing operation for more than 50 years.

Service: Providing Crews to Every Region of the World
Our global understanding and experience enables us to adapt to varying market needs and regional nuances of many different clients Global.

We have significant experience providing:
Flight crews, training, and start-up support throughout the US and Canada
Flight crews throughout Europe, including Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, and Sweden
Customized solutions in Central and South America, the Middle East, North Africa, and the Caribbean
In Asia, we have enjoyed a strong 50-year relationship with Major Airlines, and contracted with other carriers in Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Korea.

IASCO Global Leasing Benefits At a Glance

  • Why Would You Use IASCO Global Flight Crew Leasing?
  • Flexibility to meet varying demands
  • Lower overall costs
  • Reduced start-up time
  • Superior selection and recruitment process
  • Experienced staff capable of recruitment of all sizes and durations
  • Significantly increased access to available candidates
  • Relieved administrative burden
  • Increased crew retention
  • Certainty of available crews

When Would You Use IASCO Global Flight Crew Leasing?

  • Test new routes
  • Fulfill seasonal needs
  • Replace crews during training or transition
  • Integration of new aircraft types
  • Start-up operations
  • Shifting market demands
  • Ferry and test flights
  • Short-term requirements
  • Long-term requirements

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