IASCO Global Ltd.
24 Athol Street
Douglas, Isle of Man


Flight Crew Training With IASCO

Experience: More than 35 Years of Ab Initio & Advanced Flight Training for Air Carriers Worldwide
Since 1971, IASCO has provided comprehensive, individualized ab initio training with one of the best safety records in the industry. Airlines all over the world have chosen IASCO for our global reputation for safety, experience, and stability. Our top flight instructors offer customized flight training at all levels—from beginning to advanced programs. We meet the unique training and service needs of each customer, and carefully consider international and regional regulatory requirements, language and cultural diversity, and demanding training schedules to achieve the highest degree of proficiency and performance.

Safety: We’ve Trained Over 2,400 Student Pilots Without a Single Flying Accident
Our programs produce exceptionally well-trained pilots to meet the current and growing demands of the 21st century. The need for fully customized training programs has never been greater—with increased air traffic and an ever-tightening pool of crewmembers—and IASCO is proud of its award-winning reputation for exceptional training programs and impeccable safety record, including FAA recognition of IASCO’s excellence in aircraft maintenance. During the past 35 years, IASCO has trained over 2,400 student pilots—and has been awarded for flying over 500,000 training flight hours without a major flying accident, or incident.

Quality: Our Flight Instructors are Hands-On, Highly Experienced Pilots
IASCO only hires flight instructors who are highly motivated and experienced pilots. Our instructor pilots thrive on providing the finest basic skills instruction and the most comprehensive instruction in transferable skills and airline concepts in the industry.

Stability: Our Dedicated Workforce Ensures Training Continuity
IASCO’s reputation for a remarkably stable workforce gives students and clients the utmost confidence and security in our high-quality training and support services. Since our training managers and maintenance technicians have years of experience with IASCO, we bring a depth of experience and commitment to quality that is unsurpassed in the aviation industry.

Flexibility: We Offer Customized Flight Training and Support
Although each airline operator may have varying contract specifications, IASCO’s training programs enhance core skill sets through superior simulations and hands-on use of the specific equipment involved. In addition to flight and ground school training services, IASCO also manages:

  • Flight operations, weather, planning and dispatch services
  • Aircraft and building maintenance and management
  • Comprehensive training in English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • Accommodation services, including housing, dining, and transportation

Full-Service Excellence: We Cover All the Bases

  • Flight training and licensing preparation
  • Ab initio and advanced flight training
  • Crew resource management/multi-crew cooperation training
  • Conception, construction, furnishing and staffing of flight training, maintenance, and housing and dining facilities
  • Curricula design and maintenance
  • Employee recruitment, screening, selection, training, benefits, and support services
  • Student pilot recruiting, pre-screening, and pre-selection services
  • Immigration services
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) training