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Job Details

Title:Captain A330 - Hainan Airlines (Type Rated Only)
Ref #:HNA02
Airline:Hainan Airlines
Aircraft Type: A330
Minimum Requirements:

1) Type rating in A330  last flight on A330 within 6 months

  2)  4,000 + Hours Total Time and 500+ PIC on A330

  3)  Airline Transport Pilot License (“ATPL”) from ICAO recognized country with no limitation shown.

     (License and passport must be issued by country acceptable by CAAC, please contact us if you have questions)

  4)  ICAO English Proficiency Certificate. (Level 4 or above))

  5)  Class A Class 1 Medical

  6)  Max age of 55 years old time of joining

  7) No Accidents, Incidents or Criminal Record.

  8) Letter(s) of reference. (On Request)


Flight Bases: Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzen, Xi'an, Haikou

Length of Assignment: 4 years (renewal is expected, but not guaranteed)

Terms and Conditions:                     


  Program 1 Program 2 Program 3 Program 4

 Basic  Monthly  Salary





 Flight  Hours





Days off (month)

Local Contract (100% resident)


11 days/month

4 weeks ON/ 4 weeks OFF

Overtime Pay





Allowances (ticket, base, type   rating, housing, transport)





Monthly Salary +   Allowances





Annual Leave

30 days

30 days

20 days


Performance Bonus





Contract Renewal Bonus




Sick Leave

7 days

7 days

7 days

7 days


*figures in US Dollars, net of Chinese income taxes.


Travel Benefits:                                 Unlimited travel for pilot on HNA as an additional crewmember.

ID Ticket Benefits for Pilot and Family (except tax) (Options 1,2,3):

-1 year: 4 international tickets per year + 4 domestic

-2 years: 5 international tickets per year + 5 domestic

-3 years: 6 international tickets per year + 6 domestic

ID Ticket Benefits for Pilot and Family (except tax)  (Option 4):

-1 year: 3 international tickets per year + 3 domestic

-2 years: 4 international tickets per year + 4 domestic

-3 years: 5 international tickets per year + 5 domestic

Other Ticket Benefits:

60 segments of self-sponsored ID tickets for pilot and family on HNA network (including subsidiaries)

Insurance & Education:                  


Loss of license and health insurance provided per airline policy.

Education allowance available per airline policy.


Training Salary paid at 60% for ground school, 70% for line training.

Contract Term: 4 years

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